Kagera - Bukoba - Tanzania
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Karibu Kagera - Bukoba - Tanzania

Lake Victoria, the largest freshwater Lake in AfricaKagera Region is located in the northwestern corner of Tanzania. Bukoba, Kagera Region's capital, is a fast growing town with an attractive waterside setting. Situated on the shore of Lake Victoria, Bukoba lies only 1 degree south of the Equator and is Tanzania's second largest port on the lake. Kagera comprises of five administrative districts: Bukoba, Muleba, Karagwe, Ngara and Biharamulo. The region neighbors Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi and lies across the lake from Kenya. This location makes Kagera an ideal place for business and a perfect stop for tourists traveling between any of these nations and Tanzania. You may arrive in Kagera by air from Mwanza, road from Rwanda or Uganda or by ferry from Mwanza.

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TCCIA Kagera initiative
This website is an initiative of TCCIA Kagera. TCCIA - Tanzania Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture, Kagera initiated this website with the main objective of harmonising the actions of Kagera Region's business community and industry. This site is meant to highlight both nationally and internationally Kagera Region's business, industry, agriculture and tourism potential.

Students at Ihungo school using computersAbout this website
This website presents a profile of Kagera by providing information about Kagera region in general, its economy, culture, tourism and travel.

This website is for people who live and work in Kagera or would like to come to Kagera, such as investors, travelers, volunteers and other workers. It is our hope that this website will also prove useful to Tanzanian students studying about the Kagera Region.

In the future we hope that this site will become a platform for communication, information sharing and teamwork between local Kagera organisations, communities and businesses.

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